Sunday, March 7, 2010

They Had Me in Stitches

The morning sun came flooding through the bedroom window, a Saturday morning, my favorite morning... usually this would put in me in a pretty happy place.  I was having a hard time for some reason, I woke up feeling pretty blue and could not shake it.  Blue, blue, many shades of blue, clouding my day.   
"Snap out of it!" I said to myself.  So I made some French toast, even though I didn't much feel like it.  The maple syrup tasted so good.  I put on some sneaks and went for a walk, even though I didn't have much energy.  The sun felt so warm, the air so refreshing.  I did a little yoga, even though my bones were aching.  My body felt so much better.  The blueness was fading.  Lighter, and lighter.  Pale, misty blue.

Then my family came over.  My parents, the dog, my husband's parents, his sister, his brother, his brother's wife, his little sister...they all just showed up.  It wasn't really planned... we made dinner, we talked, we ate, we laughed, we watched a movie, we had crumb cake, they told me my new hair was pretty... before I knew it, the blue was a happy sky blue.  Wedding dress blue.  And as the sun went down... there was purple, and pink, and yellow, and orange. Lovely perfect orange We laughed for hours.  They had me in stitches... and I forgot about the sad shades of blue that had earlier clouded my day.

Blue can certainly be a happy color... if we know where to look.

love, e


  1. Hello! thanks so much for visiting my blog, and joining the adventure, so nice to have you along :) I look forward to following your journey too, and wish you positive thoughts and energy through this difficult time.

    I can relate to the 'hair' thing too - I am a 'big hair' person who strangely decided to have it all cut off a year or so ago. I am lost without it, and am now growing it back as soon as it will grow!

  2. As I am reading your blog in bed sick with a cold, I can't help but think you are a wonderful, shining star of a human being. I loved reading your last post about your visit from your family and friends....such joy surrounding you! All the best to you, and you have made me feel better all ready. Your healing power through your words is wonderful... Thanks for following my blog, and I hope to return to yours soon!