Sunday, February 28, 2010

A View From My Little Orange Studio

This was not today of course.  Most of what can be seen from my studio today are shades of white, brown and grey...February...New England.   Still pretty, but today I prefer to think of this sunset last of the most colorful moments I've seen from my window, and my lame attempt at photography doesn't do justice to the colors I saw that evening.  I try to recreate them as I mix gobs of purple and orange with iridescent yellow on my paper plate, but I can't quite accomplish any of these colors in acrylic. 

Today I practice... mixing, gluing, shading, sketching, painting hair.  Happy, colorful distractions from my newly shaved head.  I really didn't know my head was so little. (-:


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Resting, Saying "Ta-Ta for now" to my Hair. Enjoying Etsy and all it's Healing Powers.

I really hope to get my butt in my studio today but we will see.  I tried some yoga this morning, but it's just a little too much I guess right now.  Had second round chemo Tuesday and it's kickin' my behind a little but I always seem to have energy for Etsy surfing.  Overall, none of this chemo thing has been too too bad...tolerable, hair has been cut off and falling out like crazy, but still plenty on my head to look cute before the wig.  (-:   Obviously this name I originally picked out for my blog and my Etsy had something to do with a connection I always felt with Rapunzel, my obsession with long long beautiful hair, and my life-long goal of growing mine to ridiculous lengths until I'm mature and grey, just in case some crazy lady locked me up in a tower or something.  Actually, I more connect with the part where I picture her, or me  (-:, dancing in the garden after she is free.  

Anyway, the hair not so long anymore but I suppose I will keep the name because it does grow back!  And I can always paint the hairdo's I dream about!   Although some sadness naturally comes along with the hair loss, it is nothing compared to the second chance at life I am given.  I took the advice of many before me...get a wig you love, and some soft hats/scarves before chemo starts, cut it off when it starts to fall out (mine exactly 14 days after first chemo day), buzz it when it's starting to get patchy...  that's about to happen for me next few days.  Then just have fun with your beautiful new head accessories, and be open to loving your new shiny head.  

Working on this little leather piece that makes think of my friend, her lovely spirit is so strong and giving, and her hair which grew back so beautifully and curly after her chemo.  I'm deciding what to put it on so I can give it to her. 

Hear are some pics of my before and after hair.  Stewie Kitty was not amused.   Next comes the buzz!


Off to get lost in some Etsy art and find sunshine on this cold, rainy day.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh my goodness, I'm procrastinating again!!

So it's now been over a month since my last post... that does not a good blogger make me.  But I should not give up, correct?  Thanks Mel and Teru for encouraging me to keep it up!  I had the MOST amazing day with all of you, dancing and drawing with sweet Teru (and eating pizza!) - you have inspired me beyond words and the energy you have brought to my little orange studio draws me in there more than ever.

So I don't have any art to share right now because pic uploads are backed up (more procrastination).  However I have been doing more art and feeling more inspired all the time.  Started chemo, which is no excuse to not keep up with my blog, but I guess it got a little lost in shuffle.  Doing a lot of experimenting with mediums and techniques, and trying not to judge my art too much at the moment - just finding my style and enjoying the days i feel good and spend time in my studio.  Very therapeutic and learning a lot!  Also doing lots more walking when weather permits and gentle belly dancing to keep strong.  Magical.

I decided to just share a few photos of our wedding day from last November - which is a bit off subject, but not totally.  It took place a few days before my double mastectomy, the entire event was planned in 4 days flat, and it was the most perfect, amazing day of my life, the dearest people in my life ALL showed up even from out of state - and it was definitely a shining moment of a frightening life altering 2009.  It was a DIY wedding all the way.  Our fondant cake was lovingly made by my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws and was delicious!!  It was their first attempt at fondant and it was the most perfect, beautiful cake I could imagine.  The colors just happened to match our wedding attire perfectly, even though we bought it all at the mall 2 days before the wedding an they never saw it.  My head piece was made by me, and it was the day I made peace with my glue gun.  My (now) husband helped me realize it's not scary or high-tech, it won't burn me, and it's not a real gun - so we're cool now... glue gun and me.  (-:

Love is all around me.  I feel it.  I hope you feel it too.

love, e