Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh my goodness, I'm procrastinating again!!

So it's now been over a month since my last post... that does not a good blogger make me.  But I should not give up, correct?  Thanks Mel and Teru for encouraging me to keep it up!  I had the MOST amazing day with all of you, dancing and drawing with sweet Teru (and eating pizza!) - you have inspired me beyond words and the energy you have brought to my little orange studio draws me in there more than ever.

So I don't have any art to share right now because pic uploads are backed up (more procrastination).  However I have been doing more art and feeling more inspired all the time.  Started chemo, which is no excuse to not keep up with my blog, but I guess it got a little lost in shuffle.  Doing a lot of experimenting with mediums and techniques, and trying not to judge my art too much at the moment - just finding my style and enjoying the days i feel good and spend time in my studio.  Very therapeutic and learning a lot!  Also doing lots more walking when weather permits and gentle belly dancing to keep strong.  Magical.

I decided to just share a few photos of our wedding day from last November - which is a bit off subject, but not totally.  It took place a few days before my double mastectomy, the entire event was planned in 4 days flat, and it was the most perfect, amazing day of my life, the dearest people in my life ALL showed up even from out of state - and it was definitely a shining moment of a frightening life altering 2009.  It was a DIY wedding all the way.  Our fondant cake was lovingly made by my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws and was delicious!!  It was their first attempt at fondant and it was the most perfect, beautiful cake I could imagine.  The colors just happened to match our wedding attire perfectly, even though we bought it all at the mall 2 days before the wedding an they never saw it.  My head piece was made by me, and it was the day I made peace with my glue gun.  My (now) husband helped me realize it's not scary or high-tech, it won't burn me, and it's not a real gun - so we're cool now... glue gun and me.  (-:

Love is all around me.  I feel it.  I hope you feel it too.

love, e

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