Tuesday, May 18, 2010

S.K.B.F. (Shameless Kitty Blog Filler)

Sorry people.  i haven't done any art lately, and haven't had anything special to write... so i will just say hello & share some cute pics of my sweet Stewie Buddy when he was a baby.   He is seriously part human i think...he sits in chairs, eats ice cream, gets (very thorough) therapeutic hand massages, and makes funny faces.  Maybe someday I will start a separate Stewie blog... because I know most of my (awesome 5) visitors don't come here for silly pics of my cat.  Anyway, he is part of my healing process, and I hope he brings you a smile today...
love, e


  1. Stewie's cute! All four of my girlfriend's indoor cats are black. She has some outdoor cats too. But now there is an orange tabby that started showing up about a month ago. She had him neutered and now he's decided that he's an indoor cat and comes through the cat door whenever he wants. He doesn't seem to understand that only black cats are allowed inside! I guess there are new rules!

  2. Hi David!
    i love your comment. i could talk kitties all day! Stewie makes his own rules around here too, he runs the show. My husband drops everything to play with him when stewie decides it's time to play. (-: