Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Flashed my boobs today. Where's my beads?

No art today.  Was kind of busy so I won't beat myself up about it this time. Went to have second opinion for chemo treatments today and well... now although I feel more educated, I also feel more confused.  First oncologist recommends AC+T, this one recommends TCH.... pro's and con's to both.  Does one get third opinion now? The Adriomyacin (spelling), or the "A" can cause more heart damage long term according to the second doctor... etc, etc.  Not to mention this doctor seemed somewhat alarmed I had opted for a double mastectomy, instead of another lumpectomy, but I must learn that every doctor will have different opinions no matter what.  I personally feel comfortable with my decision but it should not be without a lot of education, thought and weighing of options.  Lot's of research to do still, but I am still glad I got more than one opinion.

Also went to a wonderful support group tonight, and that has it's pro's and con's as well.  It made me feel a little sad, but I will definitely stick with it because it is very helpful and you learn a lot from others at different stages of what you are going through.  One very lovely young girl about to get married, worried her wedding dress may not fit right - having surgery in a few days - she was very happy to see my new half-done breasts, with temporary implants ("expanders") in them, don't look as horrible as she thought they would.  I got quite a few compliments actually, and I don't even have nipples... so this is very encouraging for all involved.  I'll show them again if it helps someone else feel better.  Although I never thought I'd be flashing a bunch of women in a rest room - ok maybe i did it once when i was really drunk, who knows, but very different reaction.   (-:

In summary second opinion - good to do.  Support group - very good depending on your personality and state of mind - flashing boobs is optional, and best when for a good cause.

love, e


  1. You flashed your boobs once to a diver at the Boston Aquarium... and you were sober.

  2. oh my goodness!!! ok, you are correct and it does not always work in my favor your photographic memory of my life. I do hope I made his day and he did not choke on his breathing apparatus. I will not admit to being totally sober. (-:

  3. p.s. i think i only flashed my bra, and it had to be at least 15 years ago so my record must be absolved by now. (-: