Friday, January 1, 2010

I was supposed to do art today...

I love to make things. Pretty things. Colorful things. Things that make me feel happy. Why do I avoid my studio, my paints, my passions? I love to dance. Belly Dance. Hula Dance. Dance that makes me feel happy. Again, why do avoid my yoga mat, my music and my hip scarves?
I was supposed to do art today. I was supposed to dance today. The first day of 2010. (HAPPY NEW YEAR!) I have two and a half more hours to make these things happen. If it doesn't, I will not beat myself up. If it does, I'm sure I will feel happiness that I otherwise would not have. Either way, this is the year I plan to get my ass in my studio and make stuff happen. I am dealing with some crap that I'm not sure I can handle, but aren't we all. I hope I will find my way, somehow, and I know it must come from inside me. I know dancing, and doing art will help heal me. Nobody else will make it happen for me. I hope someone else will be able to relate, and join me in having a successful, healthy, happy, life-changing year.

Things that I DID accomplish today, and that DID make me happy:
  • I wrote my first blog post ever (forgive my amateur ways. child of the 80's. ms. pac man is my idea of high tech).
  • My husband made me some delicious coffee and quesadillas and we watched a very strange movie together.
  • My cat and I cuddled in my new pink Snuggie (yes, i have one but it was a gift. love it.)
  • I maneuvered some money and paid off half my credit card debt. (25.99% interest? i don't think so).
  • Talked to my Auntie in Florida.
My husband just called me for dinner, so I will wrap things up here. I'm sure whatever he made will be delicious, but rarely healthy. (he cooks. i clean. it works).

I'll let you all know if I make it into the studio this weekend. right now my boobs hurt. we can talk about that later.

wow... and husband just brought me dinner. holy crap. fish and spinach. seriously, it's usually always something very yummy but terribly naughty.... he NEVER makes veggies. I love him.

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