Sunday, January 3, 2010

nope. still no art. but lots of ORGANIZING!

Wow. A wonderful long snowy weekend and i still didn't do any art or do any dancing. My own loss. However, I did do LOTS of organizing! I LOVE to organize stuff, and throw away (recycle, give away...) stuff. My cat, Stewie also loves to organize ...that is him helping me (you may be able to just make out his 2 buggy eyes). My husband on the the other hand, does not love to organize, because it usually means he needs to build shelves or move heavy objects. I have convinced myself that a clean, serene environment is sure to inspire me. But who am I really kidding - I am well aware of the procrastination element. There is ALWAYS crap I can organize, and therefore procrastinate, and therefore 3rd day of 2010... still no art, still no dancing.

Well, I have some surgery tomorrow so I have to get in my last snack in before midnight. Third one in since November (surgery, not snack). The last one was a double mastectomy... this one just a little precautionary clean up job, so I guess no big deal.

I hope I am not the only one with this problem getting my art done. Maybe they'll give me some new drugs tomorrow that will inspire me. See you when I "come to".

Today was a good day.  Love, e.

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